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Mission Makers Podcast | London | UK


EP. 001:

Fuelling Ambition In F1

october 28, 2020   /   motorsport

Motorsports broadcast journalist + TV presenter, Rosanna Tennant joins us for our first ever episode revealing some of her ambitions and challenges navigating the highly competitive playing field of Formula 1.


EP. 002:

Freedom Lies In Being Bold

october 28, 2020   /   philanthropy

Former Princess of Luxembourg, UN peacemaker + social entrepreneur, Tessy De Nassau joins us this week opening up about her time in the military, being a mother to two young boys and the many misconceptions she faces.


EP. 003:

Decoding Human Performance

october 28, 2020   /   motorsport

Mental performance coach to many successful racing drivers including a young Esteban Ocon, Enzo Mucci joins us this week and shares fascinating insights on how he bridges the gap between potential and actual performance.


EP. 004:

Staying Grounded In The Music Industry

november 4, 2020   /   music

DJ + music producer for some of the worlds biggest stages including Robot Heart at Burning Man and Circo Loco in Ibiza, Francesco Mami shares his philosophies and challenges in reading energy and dealing with egoism in the industry.


EP. 005:

The Art Of Public Speaking

november 11, 2020   /   business

A public speaking coach to more than 100 TED speakers + a curator of TEDx, Dirk is a communications expert for several Fortune 500 companies + currently serves as the Dean of the British Chamber of Commerce. Dirk shares powerful insights into communication + what he looks for in a TED speaker.

JAVED BLUE copy.jpg

EP. 006:

The Rebellious Nature Of Entrepreneurship

november 18, 2020   /  business

A curator of some of the best nightclubs, festivals and restaurants in Mauritius, Javed Vayid joins us and shares his views on the inherent rebellious nature of entrepreneurship and what it was like bringing electronic music to Mauritius.


EP. 007:

From F1 To Founding The MIA

november 25, 2020   /  motorsport

Founder of the most powerful organisation in motorsports, The Motorsports Industry Association (MIA), and former Commercial Director of the Benetton F1 team, Brian Sims reflects back on an epic 4 decade ride in the sport and his thoughts on the current state of industry.


EP. 008:

Freedom For Humanity

december 02, 2020   /  philanthropy

Author, activist and journalist for The Huffington Post, and entrepreneur of an award winning recruitment company, Paola Diana shares inspiring insights into her fight for female equality, the removal of patriarchal systems and why we all have a responsibility to end oppression.


EP. 009:

Connecting The World Through Motorsport

december 09, 2020   /  motorsport

CEO of MotorMouth and one of the world's most successful motorsports marketers and sponsorship consultants for Formula 1 and Formula E, Tim Silvey shares key insights into securing sponsorship, overcoming learning difficulties and the future of females in motorsport.


EP. 010:

Being A Leading Scientist For NASA

december 16, 2020   /  science

A lead DSP engineer + scientist for NASA and a highly accomplished techno artist, Damon Bradley joins us from Washington. He shares what it's like cracking codes for the space agency, his journey of self discovery through techno and his thoughts on the future of the industry. 


EP. 011:

Unlocking Secrets Of Our Childhood

december 23, 2020   /  early years

For the season finale, we are joined by Farah's younger sister and Montessori educator, Sabeen. The pair discuss the importance of their early years education, life after death, nurturing the future generations and sisterhood.

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