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Mission Makers Podcast | London | UK


EP 010 / 16.12.2020


This week Mission Makers are joined by NASA engineer and Techno DJ Damon Bradley. Throughout the episode Damon discusses his modest upbringing, his love of electronic music and the future of DJing. Damon also goes on to give us his thoughts on the BLM protests and his vision for the future of mankind. 


It is often said that from humble beginnings come great things. If there is someone whose life could truly resonate with that quote it is Damon Bradley. Born in South Philadelphia, one of America's most deprived areas, Damon could have been forgiven for setting the bar low and settling for a relatively normal life. Instead Damon worked tirelessly to achieve his dream of being a Research Engineer for NASA. If that wasn’t enough Damon, a veteran of the electronic music scene also DJ’s in his spare time. Don’t be fooled though, this venture into DJing is much more than a hobby. Damon’s ability and progressive sounds have seen him travel around the world to perform sets at some of the most prestigious stages, including warm up performances for iconic artists like Jeff Mills.


It is on the subject of Damon’s deep rooted love to electronic music, a genre he was first exposed to by his local radio stations, where much of our conversation centres. As Damon goes on to explain it was that affection for electronic music that eventually led him to explore other genres including his now beloved techno. In 2005, after years of being a listener, Damon finally decided to become a creator and started producing his own tracks. Damon is now a well-regarded member of the scene and revered for his ability to explore new territories. Damon on his part acknowledges how his approach may appear to be distinctive because as he explains, “I like to do things differently.” 


This penchant for doing things differently is perhaps a by-product of what was a difficult upbringing and one that forced Damon to think outside the box. Not that Damon is complaining because as he points out he had much to be thankful for growing up, “I didn't come from much, but I came from a loving family that works really hard and I was rich in that regard,” he says. It is this humility that really shines through during the episode. A humility that has been feasibly borne out of Damon’s constant contact with the universe, he goes on to add, “understanding our place in the universe has really helped me as a human being understand my place on earth.” 


Incidentally it is on the topic of purpose where our conversation with Damon draws to a close. He concludes by saying, “I believe my mission is to connect with as many people as possible.”  


The full episode with Damon can be found on the video below and on the Mission Makers podcast on Apple and Spotify.


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Lessons To Fuel Your Mission
  • Your strengths are rooted in your perseverance 

  • What makes you different, it was makes you valuable

  • Being original is better than being a copy of someone else

  • The voyage of self-discovery will be the most important journey you take 


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