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Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is the largest electronic music gathering in the world for professionals and fans alike with over 600 speakers, 2,500 artists, 1,000 events, and 450,000 visitors across the globe over 5 days. Founded in 1996, it has grown into becoming the most important and influential breeding ground for electronic music culture and talent with in-depth discussions covering strategies, new opportunities, and urgent topics such as sustainability for live events, mental health for artists and professionals, social change and inclusivity, laying an important foundation for current and future generations. 

We caught up with the following industry leaders on the ground to hear their insights:


EP. 001:

Conducting Amsterdam Dance Event

oct 12, 2022   /   music

The co-directors of ADE sit down with Mission Makers to talk about what artists and aficionados can expect from this year's conference, from discussions around Web3 to operating dance music in areas of conflict.


EP. 004:

The Journey Of Building Mixcloud

nov 3, 2022   /   music

Nico Perez, the co-founder, and CEO of Mixcloud joins us on today's podcast and shares his incredibly lean journey behind founding one of the fastest-growing music platforms over the last 15 years.


EP. 007:

The Urgency Of Solidarity

nov 15, 2022   /   music

Camille is the Co-Founder & Director of Bye Bye Plastic Foundation, a disruptive nonprofit dedicated to eliminating single-use plastics from the music industry founded by Blond:ish. We talk about how to create durable change on the world’s dancefloors..

Rishi + John.png

EP. 002:

Investing In Game-Changing Music Tech

oct 25, 2022   /   music

Investing alongside Pete Tong, Ben Turner, and Richie Hawtin, the founders of Plus 8 Equity, John Acquaviva and Rishi Patel share their insights into what they look for when investing in music technology.

Vandana 3_edited.jpg

EP. 005:

Behind The We Speak Dance Movement

nov 8, 2022   /   music

Vandana Hart sparked a global dance movement with her Netflix show, "We Speak Dance" which aims to unite culture through dance. We speak to her about the Netflix effect and challenging the notion of the dancefloor.

ben 2_edited.jpg

EP. 008:

Raising The Game Of Electronic Music

nov 23, 2022   /   music

Ben Turner is a true industry pioneer recognized for several notable achievements such as founding IMS, AFEM, and Graphite Media while managing artists such as Richie Hawtin, Sama' Abdulhadi, and ANNA. We talk about leadership, purpose, and innovation.

Nhii 1_edited.jpg

EP. 003:

Conceptualising A Music Label

oct 31, 2022   /   music

The eclectic artist, Nhii, shares his thoughts on founding the Sounds of Khemit label and how his music projects go deeper into communities, sustainable living, and unlocking hidden codes of DNA through frequencies.

Ralf 2_edited.jpg

EP. 006:

Adapting To Changes In The Industry

nov 10, 2022   /   music

The highly acclaimed secret weapon behind Mobilee Records, Ralf Kollmann, sits down with us and shares his views on what artists and industry professionals must adapt to during this highly sensitive time in the music industry..

Andreea2  .jpeg

EP. 009:

Evolving The Movement

dec 7, 2022   /   music

Andreea is the founder of, a global movement dedicated to equalizing the field in the music industry with over 15,000 members. She also leads the community at Coachella. We talk about the future + the need to evolve from the initial mission.

Screenshot 2022-12-20 at 23.22_edited.jpg

EP. 010:

ADE 2022 Closing Thoughts 

dec 19, 2022   /   music

Our founder, Farah Nanji, reviews the conference and shares the best highlights from this year's panels, as well as her top tips for any professionals wanting to visit ADE in the future.

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