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Mission Makers Podcast | London | UK


EP. 001 + 002:

From Techno To The Track

march 10, 2021   /   music

The legendary Carl Cox kicks off Season 2 and shares empowering insights into the defining moments of his career both as a DJ and music producer. Carl also shares his vision for his motorsports team and love for drag racing.


EP. 005

Millennial Leadership In Family Business

april 7, 2021   /   business

We are joined by Akash and Nikita Mehta, an incredibly accomplished sibling duo who have achieved prestigious accolades from Forbes 30 under 30 to TEDx. The duo are currently changing the game in their family businesses of luxury perfumery and hollistic wellbeing.


EP. 008

Breaking The Rules

april 28, 2021   /   business

Forbes journalist and CEO behind the Female Quotient shares key insights into the inequalities behind the corporate world, providing thought leadership on how companies can adopt better principles to champion women and why feminine leadership is needed now more than ever.


EP. 003

Why Soft Skills Matter

march 23, 2021   /   leadership

The cutting edge skills expert and TEDx speaker, Sallyann Della Casa shares powerful insights as to why 80% of c-suite leaders value soft skills more than any of the hard skills in their teams and how we can nurture them.


EP. 004

Formula 1 Through The Years

march 31, 2021   /   motorsport

We are joined by one of Formula 1's most prized journalists and former manager at Williams and Ferrari, Peter Windsor. He shares high level leadership insights and predictions into the sport for the upcoming season.


EP. 006

The Business Lessons of F1

april 14, 2021   /   motorsport

The world's first ever F1 professor Mark Jenkins, and renowned author, management strategist and keynote speaker shares key lessons with us after spending decades analysing the high performance world of F1 at Cranfield University for several businesses and teams.


EP. 007

Elevating Equality in Motorsport

april 21, 2021   /   motorsport

The CEO of the groundbreaking W Series shares important insights into the reasoning behind the creation of the all-female racing series, which is now in partnership with F1, and the challenges faced into getting such a monumental vision off the ground.


EP. 009

Becoming Saudi's First Female Superbike Racer

may 5, 2021   /   motorsport

We are joined by a lady making history in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as the first ever female superbike racer. Highly acclaimed author and racer, Dania Akeel, discusses how she fell in love with everything automotive, the mental preparation behind racing and the landscape of motorsports in Saudi Arabia.

LA Dave.jpg

EP. 010

Amplifying Underground Music In Kenya

may 11, 2021   /   music

DJ and label owner, L.A. Dave shares his journey of  being one of the key pioneers in establishing an underground scene in Kenya, his advice on running a label and how to ignore the politics of dancing.

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