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Mission Makers Podcast | London | UK


EP 008 / 28.04.2021


This week Mission Makers are joined by an internationally renowned Forbes journalist, movement maker and thought leader for equality, Shelley Zalis. During the episode we discover the motivations behind Shelley starting her own venture the Female Quotient, which has connected over 18,000 women at her signature pop up experiences during prestigious conferences like the World Economic Forum. We learn why branding is just as important as the message itself, why feminine qualities in leadership are needed now more than ever and her experiences of taking on the TED stage.


A nickname, like an award, is desirable but ultimately something that needs to be given to you by other people in order to hold any weight. We mention this because our guest this week has perhaps the coolest nickname of all. Such is Shelley's penchant for breaking the rules that she has often been described by friends, colleagues and those in the media as the Chief Troublemaker. As we find out throughout the episode, disruption is at the heart of Shelley’s essence.


In fact, as Shelley reiterates several times during the interview it is only by breaking the rules that you are ever able to create something new. That something new for Shelley is a more equitable society where women are granted increased opportunity to succeed in the corporate world. There is no doubt that a diverse workforce leads to a better overall culture and as Shelley points out, “Business is not about corporations, it’s about people.” 


Despite having made tremendous progress in her mission thus far working with several Fortune 500 brands from BCG to Disney, Shelley exudes a relentless abundance of energy in fighting harder and harder for women every day. It is clear the fight for equality is far from over and the key for Shelley is to begin by teaching such principles at home. It is for this reason that she makes a point to pass on the lessons she was taught as a child to her own children, “my parents raised us to respect and value one another,” she says.  


That love and respect she learnt as a child continues to radiate through Shelley to this day and it becomes clear that this love is not simply reserved for other people. Shelley is confident in herself and steadfast in what she believes in and won’t stop until she gets what she wants, which is perhaps half the battle sometimes. I dont about you but we can't wait to see what rules Shelley breaks next.


The full conversation with Shelley can be found on the video below and on Spotify and iTunes. 


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Lessons To Fuel Your Mission
  • If you never try, you'll never know 

  • Look for the good in everything, even if you have to try a little harder sometimes

  • To get to the next level, you have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable

  • True confidence is not always about being right, but embracing no fear to be wrong


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