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Mission Makers has been behind the lens of producing some of the most disruptive conversations in Davos with thought leaders such as Deepak Chopra, to CEOs, astronauts, world leaders, and more.

Hear some of our selected insights captured straight from the Swiss Alps:

Gaia Lamperti + Kamran Khan

EP. 001:

The Art of Moderating in Davos

dec 21, 2022   /   business

After curating over 30 panels during the economic forum, the co-moderators, Gaia Lamperti (Bloomberg), Kamran Khan (Synthesis), and Farah Nanji (TEDx), share their insights behind moderating the gold standard of discussions at Davos.

sabeen + leonor pic.png

EP. 004:

The Education Of Tomorrow

jan 3, 2023   /   business

Leonor Diaz Alcantara (CEO, Montessori Group) and Sabeen Nanji (Co-Director, Step By Step Montessori) join us to talk about why cultivating the Montessori mindset matters for future generations and the fundamental areas the government is failing in education.


EP. 007:

Amplifying the UN SDGs Through Music

mar 28, 2023   /   music

AY is a music artist, sustainability advocate, and entrepreneur who has powered more than 800 shows through solar batteries. He is also recognized as a Young Leader by the UN because of his contribution to the 17 SDGs with his album Project 17.


EP. 010:

Highlights From The Female Quotient

may 17, 2023   /   business

The CEO of the Female Quotient (FQ), Shelley Zalis, shares critical insights on shifting Davos away from the boy's club mentality, and why she launched the first pop-up space on the promenade to galvanize Fortune 500 CEOs to champion equality.


Screenshot 2022-12-27 at 14.47_edited.jpg

EP. 002:

Cultural Leadership in Times of Crisis

dec 27, 2022   /   business

Panelists Samira Khan (Microsoft), Alessa Berg (Top Tier Impact), + Dr.Royston Flude (CSPOC), sit down to discuss the important role cultural leadership plays in creating an empowering, yet resilient environment with unity at the core. 

Dr Sian Proctor_edited.jpg

EP. 005:

How Space Impacts The UN SDGs

jan 3, 2023   /   business

The astronaut Dr. Sian Proctor (Inspiration4) joins us with fellow space leaders, Rafal Modrzewski (ICEYE), Fatema Hamdani (Kraus Aerospace) + Christina Korp (SPACE For A Better World) to explore the investment landscape in space + the impact on the SDGs.

Tessy + Anino

EP. 008:

Equalising the Playing Field

mar 30, 2023   /   business

Dr.Anino Emuwa from 100 Women @ Davos and Tessy de Nassau are two award-winning women leading the charge in providing more women with opportunities for leadership growth at Davos. We discuss the changes needed on the promenade and how to get involved.


EP. 011:

 The Future of Mobility

may 23, 2023   /   business


Astronaut Nicole Stott, Jon Creyts, the CEO of RMI, and Sergio De La Vega, president of the 'Citizens' Companies, discuss the revolutionary changes affecting the mobility landscape, what investors are looking for and the importance of diversifying risk.

Lena Siep_edited.jpg

EP. 003:

How Motorsports Impacts Mobility

jan 2, 2023   /   motorsports

Lena Siep (PR Director of Nico Rosberg) and highly sought-after thought leader in motorsports shares her views on the important role motorsports plays in the future of mobility from the transition to clean energy to the SDGs impacted. 


EP. 006:

Highlights From unDavos

feb 8, 2023   /   business

Mark Turrell is the founder of unDavos, which is the largest underground community of young global leaders, futurists, and entrepreneurs on the ground asking the questions that matter. He shares his highlights of 2023 and the common misconceptions around Davos.

victor + tiffany.tiff

EP. 009:

Highlights From the House of Balance

apr 18, 2023   /   business

Dubbed to be the 'burning man' of Davos, the co-founder of House of Balance, Tiffany Harnsongkram, and core member, Dr. Victor Pineda join us to discuss frequencies of change in building the future with conscious leadership.

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