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Mission Makers and podcast production

Born in the snow capped mountains of Davos during the World Economic Forum in 2020, Mission Makers is a podcast series showcasing the mindset and misconceptions of leaders in the music, motorsports and business worlds. The show aims to elevate, inspire and empower human mindsets and is hosted by Farah Nanji who is a renowned British DJ, journalist, entrepreneur and TEDx speaker.

Listen to new episodes every Wednesday on YouTube,  Spotify + Apple.


These awesome humans make up the Mission Makers tribe!



ricardo da silva

co-executive producer

Ricardo is an accomplished writer, radio host and stand-up comedian.  A creative at heart, Ricardo is passionate about bringing the most intriguing stories to life and better understanding what influences a person’s outlook. As a member of the Mission Makers team Ricardo is responsible for building relationships with other content creators and conducting research on guests.

Ricardo studied Communication and Media Studies at the University of Surrey.

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elianna penkar

graphic designer

Elianna loves story telling, that’s what drove her towards a career in visual communication. She loves exploring the relationship between imagery and words in her work. She also enjoys poetry, photography and has a keen interest in semiotics.  As a member of the Mission Makers team, Elianna is responsible for drawing our vision out of the box.


Elianna completed her MA in Graphic Design from UCA, Epsom.

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calin butnaru


Calin is an emerging cinematographer and director with an outstanding eye for audio-visual content production. Calin's approach to content creation is one of balance, aiming to deliver productions that are compelling and imaginative, while adding his own cinematic touch. As a member of the Mission Makers team, Calin is responsible for captivating the best of our conversations and bringing them to your screens.

Calin is currently a third year Film Studies student at Queen Mary University.

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