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Mission Makers Podcast | London | UK


EP 011 / 23.12.2020


The early years expert, Sabeen Nanji, sits down with Mission Makers for the finale of season 1 to discuss the magic of the Montessori method, the importance of deep observation and the role spirituality plays in her life. During this season finale, Sabeen also goes on to share some fascinating insights into her relationship with her sister and Mission Makers host, Farah Nanji. 


Do not adjust the settings on your device, you are not seeing double. We guarantee you this is not a parent trap situation. The truth is that for our season finale, Mission Makers wanted you, the listener, to get to know our host, Farah Nanji a little better and we thought what better way than by speaking with her younger sister. 


Our episode begins by exploring Sabeen’s own remarkable journey, which has, amongst many other achievements, seen her become a qualified Montessori manager, which is no easy feat, especially in the U.K. Not that Sabeen gives that too much thought. As she explains, being a leader for her goes far beyond the professional remits of 9-5, “this is not my job; this is my whole life,” she says. “I want everyone who comes into my setting to feel like they are loved and if that's all I achieve in my life; I will be beyond thrilled,” she adds. 


Unsurprisingly for someone who has studied the Montessori way, Sabeen spends much of her life devoted to spirituality in order to set herself and the team up for the best success and headspace for the classroom, which as she goes on to explain, revolves around the journey of self-discovery. As she points out, “being authentic to who we are and understanding our childhood, no matter how uncomfortable, is a big part of the life puzzle.” Sabeen also recognises the impact her sister has had on her development, namely by providing her with much needed perspective. As she points out, much of her current outlook on life was informed by being present during a time in Farah’s life where she showed a great deal of resilience in the face of adversity. 


It is this shared experience that has really solidified the bond between the two sisters. As the episode draws to a close the two can’t help but exchange kind words, which for Mission Makers is the perfect way to end the season. We hope you have enjoyed the journey thus far.  


The full conversation with Sabeen can be found on the video below and on the Mission Makers podcast on Spotify and Apple.


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Lessons To Fuel Your Mission
  • Praise the process, not the outcome

  • People respect authenticity above talent

  • Every human being has an inner secret mission that nature has given it

  • When children get a taste for highly processed foods, it will be a tug of war to get them off it

  • 90% of who we are is created by the age of 5. The early years are pivotal in jump starting our mindset

  • Deeply evaluate the messages given to us in our childhood and be ready to confront them knowing it is essential for evaluation for our own peace and for nurturing a new life force


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