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Mission Makers Podcast | London | UK


EP 002 / 28.10.2020


Mission Makers are joined this week by the performance coach to many successful racing drivers on the F1 and F2 grid, Enzo Mucci. During the episode, Enzo talks us through his life goal of decoding human performance and shares fascinating insights on how he bridges the gap between perceived potential and actual performance. 


From humble beginnings, Enzo grew up in a council flat and was determined to become a race car driver. After a tough journey, he eventually went on to achieve his childhood dreams, winning the British Formula Ford championship in the 90s. Shortly after his victory, he realised that his true fulfilment came from helping other drivers navigate the incredibly complex playing field of motorsports. Apart from talent, two of the most important currencies for success in motorsports are undoubtedly mental resilience and sports sponsorship. Having mastered both, he began his transition towards the path of performance and sponsorship coaching. 


As Enzo explains on the show, racing can be a rather self-centred endeavour and he begins the episode by going into detail about the landscape of motorsports and his journey towards the pursuit of happiness. This unwavering passion for helping others reach their maximum potential has seen Enzo gain a reputation as one of the most revered individuals in his field. He has spent the last three decades training a string of successful drivers, and it is no surprise that many drivers, including a young Esteban Ocon, have looked to Enzo to help them attain their own laser focused performance.


We uncover that Enzo’s methods easily transcend motorsport and can be applied to all disciplines. The secret, as he explains, is to be "ruthless with your weaknesses whilst  maintaining a positive outlook that does not get trapped into limiting beliefs which form the basis of negative performance." Preparing your mind and being devoted towards lifelong learning is certainly a common denominator that separates the winners from the losers.  Lewis Hamilton recently echoed that statement at the Portuguese Grand Prix where he took his 92nd win, placing him as the most victorious F1 driver of all time. In a press conference with Sky Sports after the race, he shared that he never gets complacent with his success, always reflecting and finding new things to learn with every race feeling like the first. The team collectively embodies his mindset and together they set the bar higher every single week. There is no doubt that every other driver on the grid is as hungry to push him to his absolute limits.


Incidentally, the episode ends in a rather inspirational way with Enzo revealing his own personal mantra, which he says is to live in the moment, conquering the day by 12PM and be thankful for what he has. Covid-19 has certainly jolted a sense of global gratitude and shone a light on persevering through the present.  If Enzo’s career continues on this same trajectory you imagine he will have a lot to be thankful for.


The full conversation can be found on the video below and on the Mission Makers podcast on Spotify and Apple.


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Lessons To Fuel Your Mission

  • Win the day by 12PM

  • Negative beliefs become limiting behaviours

  • Helping others is contribution on the biggest scale

  • Be conscious of what you are avoiding to overcome it

  • Be ruthless with your weaknesses

  • Observe without engaging, live outside of the problem

  • Be aware of getting trapped by the emotions of a moment

  • Be very mindful of the fact that your behaviour will influence others


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