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Mission Makers Podcast | London | UK

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From change makers in Formula 1 to NASA, find out what drives some of the most ambitious people on the planet.

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From Techno To The Track

march 10, 2021   /   music

The legendary Carl Cox kicks off Season 2  sharing  empowering insights into the defining moments of his career both as a DJ and music producer. The pair discuss secrets for success in the music industry and his love for drag racing which he exploring deeper with his motorsport team.


The Art Of Public Speaking

november 11, 2020   /   business

A public speaking coach to more than 100 TED speakers + a curator of TEDx, Dirk is a communications expert for several Fortune 500 companies + currently serves as the Dean of the British Chamber of Commerce. Dirk shares powerful insights into communication + what he looks for in a TED speaker.


Unlocking Secrets Of Our Childhood

december 23, 2020   /   early years

We are joined by Farah's younger sister and Montessori educator, Sabeen, for the finale of Season 1. The pair discuss the important of their early years education, life after death, nurturing the future generations, and the journey of sisterhood.



Born in Davos, Mission Makers is a podcast series hosted by Farah Nanji; a DJ, journalist, lecturer, motorsports entrepreneur, and well-known moderator at the economic forum.

Farah’s story is fascinating and one of determination and resilience. Diagnosed with Dyspraxia in her teenage years, a developmental coordination disorder that affects 5% of the world’s population, Farah galvanized her challenges by turning a perceived weakness into a gift of innovation and entrepreneurialism creating her own unique processes to operate in two industries that rely heavily on motor coordination; music and motorsport, something she discussed in detail in her 

TED Talk.

As a DJ and music producer, she has played for some of the biggest brands around the world, from the United Nations to Pacha Destino in Ibiza. She paints her creative canvas with an extraordinary exploration of hypnotic sounds from the electric guitar to the sitar, looping into pulses of deep tech and techno. 

As an entrepreneur she is passionate about transforming leadership, and unlocking human performance through the lens of motorsport with her company, Regents Racing.

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