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Mission Makers Podcast | London | UK


EP 007 / 22.02.2022



In this episode of Mission Makers, we are joined by music producer and label owner, Soul Button, otherwise known as Christian Legno. We discuss what it takes to run not only one but three music labels, the impact of streaming on the music industry, and, of course, ethereal techno, a genre he is widely recognized for creating. Firstly, we unravel the meaning behind his artist name, Soul Button. Christian comments on the feeling and impact on the soul that music has always instilled in him:

"One night, after watching the film Coraline, I had a strange dream about buttons and after digging deeper, I came to the realization that the button is a symbol of communication. And just like that: the Soul Button identity was born."


We then talk about Christian’s early years after moving from his hometown in Italy to the vibrant London music scene. It was here where he made connections and absorbed all the knowledge that he could about the music industry. He tells of how this experience provided him with the perfect foundation for moving to Berlin and starting his own record label many years later. 


Christian had a clear vision of what he wanted with his label: one that ‘focused on the quality of the music or the product.’  He portrays a very down-to-earth nature as he affirms that he would never run behind big artists just to make his own label big and make money - which is what music should be about. He also leaves us with a few golden nuggets about how to get your music noticed by labels. 


Following this, Christian divulges his belief that streaming services are a great way for listening to music and making it accessible for listeners. However, we move on to discuss the current crisis in horrifying pay for artists. With only 2% of Spotify artists earning more than $1K a year, pressure must be put on the platforms by listeners and music industry executives to fairly restore the balance to the creators.  Christian comments that

"in order to pay your bills, you have to get 1 million plays per month".

Finally, we look into Christian's creative process and the impact that his ethereal sound has had on the underground industry.  In the words of the label, “ethereal techno is melodic techno with intelligence, powering the mind, body, and soul. The sound is characterized by its uplifting poetic nature, yet has an edge, giving it a unique imprint. It resonates deeply and fills the soul with immense positivity, all the while feeding the imagination and expanding the mind.”

Christian humbly claims that he never expected to ‘invent a music genre’ and that he was just answering his calling to make music and communicate in a different sonic language. This just goes to show that staying focused on your individual mission can encompass and inspire so many others around you - it becomes a shared, collective mission. 


Soul Button’s episode can be found on the video below and on iTunes and Spotify.


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Lessons To Fuel Your Mission

  • Quality over quantity - the caliber of a project is far more important than the volume

  • Always stay true to yourself and your mission because there are very few who will stay true to both

  • The authentic human is the one who has the ultimate creative power in an increasingly standardized world


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