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Mission Makers Podcast | London | UK


EP 006 / 16.02.2022


This week we welcome Jeannette Linfoot onto Mission Makers. Jeannette is a highly accomplished and skilled strategist - her extensive experience in the leisure, travel, business, property, and mentoring sectors showcase her fountain of knowledge spanning four decades. Jeannette has won several awards along the way including ‘One of the Most Influential Women in Travel’. We get her perspective on building a business, the importance of diversity and cohesion in the workplace as well as the role of mentors and coaches.


We begin by examining Jeannette’s illustrious career and her strong ambition from a very young age. She highlights the importance of adopting the mindset of high performance from a young age, always trying to ‘push beyond my comfort zone’ and the boundaries of her success, no matter what role she was in. 


Next, we discuss Jeannette’s podcast Brave, Bold & Brilliant which goes from the boardroom tables of ‘big’ international business to the dining room tables of entrepreneurial start-ups, inspiring others to unleash their full potential in business. What comes across clearly throughout Jeannette’s journey is the desire to help people achieve their own goals as she talks about how important it is to leave an impact on others and help them progress in life. Interestingly, Jeannette explains how she has had coaches and mentors her entire career that have catapulted her to the next level, and that is not solely something you should seek when you are just starting out in your career.


Jeannette emphasizes some key takeaways for building a business and more importantly building it to succeed, with her personal experience of ‘leading by example and having a laser focus on your mission. We then move on to discuss how diversity facilitates this success in a business and the undeniable fact that greater diversity breeds greater innovation. Jeannette advocates for a larger platform for more women in senior roles and although the ‘dial is finally changing’ there is still a tireless amount of work to be done.


As we delve into the more recent turn of Jeannette’s career, she discusses her shift away from corporate life and the focus towards her mentoring and property portfolio with her husband. She shares sage advice for those looking to get on the property ladder, encouraging the fact that entry at all levels is possible even if access to capital is limited.


It seems like it is venture after venture with Jeannette, a true serial entrepreneur, she is a tour de force and aims for the peak in everything that she does. A perfect example of where hard work, mindset, and ambition can take you.


Jeannette’s episode can be found on the video below and on iTunes and Spotify.


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Lessons To Fuel Your Mission
  • Have a laser focus on your mission

  • The greater the diversity, the better the innovation

  • Mentor and be mentored at every level of the game 


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