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S4: EP 2




In the aftermath of the pandemic, the electronic music industry has experienced a remarkable surge in global valuation, soaring to new heights. According to the latest findings from MIDiA Research, the industry’s value now stands at a staggering $11.3 billion, marking a 34% increase from the previous year in 2022. This meteoric rise highlights the resilience and dynamic growth of the industry in the face of unprecedented challenges. But in this rapidly growing landscape, what are the impacts on the planet and how can the industry get together to advocate for change?

In today’s discussion on the Mission Makers podcast, Eli Goldstein, the dynamic half of the influential DJ/production duo Soul Clap, joins us as a driving force in amplifying the climate discussion. With a career that spans over two decades, Eli has become a multifaceted figure wearing various hats within the music universe. Today, we delve into the core of Eli's mission, where he leverages his artist platform for advocacy through notable industry initiatives focused on climate and diversity, such as DJs For Climate Action, Give A Beat, and The Looplab. 


The conversation begins by exploring the transformative idea that touring should be regenerative, not extractive. Eli offers insights into reshaping industry practices, emphasizing sustainability for the planet, the environment, and artists' mental and physical well-being. As we navigate this transformative journey, Eli unravels the complex web of industry stakeholders resistant to change. He sheds light on the challenges and opportunities in fostering a collective commitment to sustainable practices within the music ecosystem.


Zooming in on the environmental footprint of the music industry, Eli dissects the unhealthy impact of streaming. He navigates through the challenges of this digital era, addressing the consequences while proposing avenues for a more eco-friendly approach. The discussion widens to encompass the pivotal role that artist teams play in reducing the climate impact of the industry. Eli underscores the collaborative effort needed to enact meaningful change, emphasizing the collective responsibility that extends beyond individual artists.


In the final segment, Eli shares non-negotiable habits that artists can embrace to succeed while staying true to their commitment to sustainability. These habits, woven into the fabric of an artist's routine, serve as a guiding compass for navigating the complexities of the modern music landscape. Join us in this insightful exploration as Eli Goldstein takes us on a journey that transcends music, discussing how artists can be catalysts for positive change in the climate conversation.


Tune into the full conversation to hear Eli Goldstein answer these questions:

  • Why touring should be regenerative and not extractive

  • Which industry stakeholders are the most resistant to change

  • The unhealthy impact streaming has on the planet

  • How artists’s teams play a vital role in reducing climate impact

  • The non-negotiable habits artists can embrace to succeed


If you’d like to listen, head to the Mission Makers podcast for the full conversation. 


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Lessons To Fuel Your Mission
  • Touring should be regenerative and not extractive

  • Find the right agents and manger who align with the ways you want to tour

  • Adopt an eco-friendly rider that you can share with promoters


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