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EP 009 / 09.03.2022


Brian Cid - photo by _davecostantini 02310_edited.jpg

Brooklyn-based DJ and producer Brian Cid is nothing short of an aficionado in the electronic music scene. As founder of the record label ‘Endangered’, Cid has received high praise from bodies such as DJ Mag and Billboard, who have described him as a ‘rare kind of genius’. In this week’s episode, we explore Brian’s roots, his musical journey, and what he ultimately defines as the spiritual codes to success.



From the outset, we can see what a deeply centered man Brian is. His calm, harmonious aura sets the tone for a profound conversation to begin. We begin by going back to his Dominican and New York roots to which he states that ‘my roots inside me are filled with energy and passion, it is what shaped me.’

We then explore the beginnings of Brian’s musical journey where he launched himself into the hip hop scene producing and engineering records for some of the most prized names such as Beyonce and Mos Def to name a few. After experiencing incredible success as an audio engineer, Brian then reveals how he discovered the rave scene and he explains that ‘the rave scene came to me, I wasn’t looking for it’; a philosophy that many fellow ravers will be able to relate to. 



Brian’s musical shift from hip-hop to electronic was seamless. His ability to craft a sound that feels full and even tangible is sublime. DJ Mag hailed him as a creator of ‘instinct rather than instruction, free from the clutter of trends and charts.’


As we explore Brian’s journey through the electronic music scene, he talks about influences such as house pioneer Todd Terry, highlighting his role as mentor and guide for Brian through his new musical venture but more importantly, Brian tells of how ‘he let me be me’. Perhaps this is the most important takeaway: changing the image or sound of an artist takes away the core of who they are.



Brian talks of how he maintains this philosophy when it comes to mentoring artists under his own label ‘Endangered’. The primary focus is pushing the artist in the right direction whilst still committing to their vision. It is all about ‘collaboration’. 


In typical Mission Makers style, we shift our focus to addressing pressing issues within the industry, with the first stop being the lack of diversity. Brian strongly advocates that there is nowhere near enough emphasis on women in music. He claims that ‘women should be given if anything, priority’. It is refreshing to hear from such a high caliber figure that the focus needs to change; men have been given center stage long enough and it’s time to open up and allow space for others who haven’t had the same opportunities.





Finally, we move on to a topic that does not get enough attention in the music industry: mental health and self-care. Brian opens up about the pressures of being a DJ/producer and how egocentricity and life as a DJ means ‘you can get consumed by pressure’. Furthermore, we go on to discuss how music is all about giving ‘a service to humanity, yet further commercialization and monetization has caused ‘people to lose sight of reality’. The music, the artist, the vision should always come first. 


We round things off on a positive note by looking at balance in life, as Brian talks about the importance of looking after our physical, mental and emotional health, suggesting that this is what allows our energy to flow. Brian’s incredible dedication and focuses on his own self is what he says allows him to fulfill his own purpose. Being true to our passions, allow us to fulfill our individual purpose, which above all is key to our success. 


Brian’s episode can be found on the video below and on iTunes and Spotify.


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Lessons To Fuel Your Mission

  • Individualism is a key foundation of strength

  • Artistic collaboration drives progression

  • Listening is a vital tool and has many dimensions of awareness  

  • Self-awareness is key to balance


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