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Mission Makers Podcast | London | UK


EP 002 / 19.01.2022


This week we have a huge episode for you as we welcome the techno frontman, Alan Fitzpatrick, to Mission Makers. Alan has had an astounding career to date, as one of the most popular underground DJs in the world, he has succeeded in challenging all the rules of techno while carving a very unique niche in his field. Very few artists can say they have headlined Berghain while also having a #1 hit on daytime BBC Radio 1. 


We unpack Alan’s love for the scene from a young age, his releases on several big labels such as Drumcode, Bedrock, Cocoon, the experiences of running his own imprint, We Are The Brave, and the release of his brand new studio album in over a decade, Machine Therapy.


We begin by going back to the beginning of Alan’s journey with electronic music where his teenage mind was instantly absorbed into club culture, breaking all rules to enter venues before he technically should, like so many DJs before and after him have done, including our host! 


Whilst the dancefloor can be a hedonistic environment, it is undeniable that experiencing music and observing the art of a DJ set on an immersive sound system can be one of the most game changing moments in an audiophile's life. We therefore discuss the importance of accessibility for the younger ages in the scene, making sure they have similar exposure to subcultures of sound as adults while also preparing themselves to rave respectfully. It’s unsurprising to then learn that Alan has involved his 10 year old son fully into his creative process, writing one of his latest tracks ‘Take Control’ with him. 


Next we move onto Alan’s rise within the electronic scene and particularly his work with Drumcode that he affirms was ‘a pivotal part’ of his career. Whilst some artists might get caged into the sound and pressures of a certain label, Alan’s fluidity amongst labels such as Bedrock and Anjunadeep, certifies that his vision has no restrictions to style or sound to a rulebook.


We learn that challenging the notion of a rulebook is also what inspired Alan to start his own label in 2016, We Are The Brave. In a short space of 5 years, the label has garnered 30 million streams on Spotify, further solidifying that sonic rewards come to those who dare to be brave and bend the boundaries.  


Finally, we move onto the most eagerly anticipated new piece of work for Alan which is his latest studio album ‘Machine Therapy’. This is Alan's first album release in over a decade and his most ambitious release yet. We talk about how the machines have offered him therapy in the studio, being able to get into an artistic state-of-mind with no time constraints or boundaries and why he chose Anjunadeep for the label. The album has seen Alan fuse sci-fi sonics with dystopian samples reflecting the times we find ourselves in, while taking inspiration from those early rave days in the UK, transporting listeners into his own therapeutic zone of techno. Alan elborates that this album is different to much of his previous work, featuring more emotive and ambient tones, all the while still firmly pushing the boundaries of electronic sound with finesse.


In typical Mission Makers style, we then open up the conversation to the wider world of the music industry and the more political parameters that go with it. Alan condemns the lack of diversity in the industry, firmly highlighting that ‘anyone who's got the right talent and ability should be on lineups, irrespective of gender, race or sexuality.’ 


As our conversation draws to a close, we leave feeling galvanized by Alan’s energy to not conform to the rules in our creative processes and continually set the bar higher with everything that we do.


Alan’s episode can be found on the video below and on iTunes and Spotify.


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Lessons To Fuel Your Mission
  • Let your vision speak for itself

  • Keep your mind young, absorbent + hungry

  • Raise the bar higher every time you succeed

  • Master the rules so you can break them like a pro


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