EP 009 / 05.05.2021




Mission Makers are joined this week by Dania Akeel. The superbike racer who made history by becoming the first Saudi Arabian woman ever to receive a Speed Bikes Competition license and drive in a FIA-sanctioned rally. Dania discusses how she fell in love with everything automotive, what type of mental preparation is required to compete in a race and what it’s like training during Ramadan. The Jeddah native also goes on to share her experiences of studying at boarding school and what it was like driving in the U.K whilst not being allowed to drive in her home country.


It is often said that the ultimate goal for every human being is to achieve peace of mind. If Dania’s poise and tranquillity during our interview are anything to go by, then she may have already realized that feat. A remarkable accomplishment when you consider her journey in the hyper competitive world of motor racing has only just begun. After all, you could have hardly blamed her had she developed a cutthroat attitude to the sport. However as Dania explains, the biggest competitor in racing isn’t often others but rather intriguingly yourself because as she points out, “you face yourself during a race.” This maturity in racing is almost certainly what has already given her a competitive edge, so much so that Dania’s racing prowess saw her win rookie of the year at the 2020 Ducati cup. 


Interestingly and perhaps unsurprisingly Dania has gone on to adopt a similar mindful approach away from the track. We learn throughout the interview that Dania is constantly practicing the art of remaining present at all time times, which as she explains allows her to better accept her reality and build empathy with everyone she encounters, “I don't feel like there are too many barriers between myself and another person,” she says.  


Incidentally it is perhaps thanks to that mental fortitude that Dania was able to walk away from a rather horrific crash last year relatively unscathed. Whilst she did break a few bones, her resolve to continue racing has not diminished, which is just as well because Dania has many goals for the future, which include competing at the notorious Dakar Rally someday.


Having spent an hour with Dania, Mission Makers is confident that she will no doubt achieve this goal.


The full conversation with Dania can be found on the video below and on Spotify and iTunes. 


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Lessons To Fuel Your Mission
  • Balance begins and ends with the harmony of the mind

  • Fear can become a powerful tool for intuition if harnessed correctly

  • Sports can be an incredible way to truly face yourself